What are neon signs? Can I buy custom neon signs?

You might expect to see a neon sign outside a bar or even on the wall of a hip restaurant for a perfectly Instagrammable moment, but what about as home decor? People across the U.S. and the world display neon signs in their homes.

Advances in LED technology have made it cheaper and easier than ever to produce neon signs, so now is the perfect time to buy even custom-made your own LED neon signs.

What are neon signs? 

True neon signs use glass tubes that are heated and bent into shape by hand. The tubes are filled with gases that react with an electrical current passing through the tube, causing it to light up. Different gases create different colors. While a vintage appeal comes with true neon, signs of this type are expensive to make, power-hungry and contain potentially toxic chemicals, albeit in quantities too small to do any harm if the sign breaks and releases them.

Many modern neon signs aren’t made using the true neon method. Instead, they use acrylic tubes filled with LED lights. This method is known as LED neon. While some people still prefer true neon signs, and there’s undeniably a considerable amount of skill and artistry that goes into making them, LED neon is significantly cheaper to buy and run.

Are neon signs just for advertising? 

While neon signs have traditionally been for advertising, that certainly doesn’t mean that they’re only for advertising. You can find all kinds of neon signs. Some feature words, some feature images and others feature both. That said, some people like to collect or display vintage neon signs that were originally used for advertising, particularly from popular brands, like Coors or Coca-Cola.

Can I buy custom neon signs?

Yes, some companies that make neon signs offer custom signs, which is ideal if you want a personalized sign. You can have signs customized with any text you want, whether that’s your name, an in-joke among your household or anything else you happen to want on a neon sign.

custom neon signs

How to display neon signs as home decor

You can display neon signs on your wall in the same way you might display a picture frame. Large neon signs will generally need to be mounted to the wall with glass nails, screws hardware, but you can hang smaller neon signs on a picture hook or some work with command strips. Some small neon signs even come with stands, so you can stand them up on a shelf or sideboard if you prefer to hang them on the wall. If you’re wondering whether a neon sign will look good with the rest of your home decor, you needn’t worry too much. Neon signs pop in neutrally decorated rooms or add an additional focal point in rooms that are already boldly decorated.


Post time: Apr-11-2022