Ningbo City “The Hometown Of Lamps “ Exhibition

Ningbo is renowned as the "hometown of lamps" at home and abroad. As the first pilot city of the national "Ten thousand Lights in Ten Cities" semiconductor lighting application project, in 2018, the total sales volume of ningbo lighting industry exceeded 3.5 billion yuan, accounting for 23.44% of the national total.  At present, it has formed a relatively complete industrial chain and become one of the most important production and export bases of semiconductor lighting products in China.  

Vaten, an exhibitor at the Ningbo lighting exhibition 2020, We custom and handmade all the neon sign by our craftsman ,Our theme for this exhibiton is “Let the environmental protection, green, energy saving handmade neon sign lighting the world “ Our neon sign exhibiton let many people know handmade neon sign is borad use in home ,office ,public etc , It creates a good lighting atmosphere in anywhere.
6th, ~8th Aug, 2020 year , Vasten Participate in the exhibition in Ningbo City.
The opening ceremony ,For lighting business ~


Our booth for handmade &custom neon sign ,Silica gel led neon flxe tube,RGB flex tube etc, Share colorful neon sign to business ,life style Neon sign lighting deco.


Our dear customer communicate the neon sign project with our CEO 


Our lovely customer take a picture with our custom & handmade neon sign 


Thanks for our team ,We’re the best !

Our company vision to the future ,through exhibition ,E-business to open the big neon sign market ,let home and abroad customer spend EXW price buy good quality ,fashion handmade neon sign ! The neon sign use real silica gel led neon flex tube &acrylic plate to handmade it ,The good quality product ,will win the big market ,Come on !

Post time: Jan-06-2022